Helping meet UK energy needs

Key actions

  • Deliver cumulative UKCS production of circa 54 billion boe by 2035 and production of over 1 million boe/day in 2035, extending the life of the basin to 2050 and beyond while contributing to the UK’s energy security and economic prosperity
  • Work with stakeholders to ensure the UK is committed to a progressive and competitive policy and regulatory framework
  • Deliver sector leading Health, Safety and Environmental performance
  • Deliver decommissioning agenda aligned to MER UK objectives
  • Include net-zero emissions considerations and improvements as part of area plans
  • Include net-zero considerations as part of asset stewardship
  • Include net-zero emissions considerations as part of new licensing rounds
  • Deliver KPIs and targets in accordance with the OGA’s Corporate Plan
  • Sustain the competitiveness of the UKCS in order to continue to attract investment in the future
  • Work across other offshore energy sectors to leverage and maximise the energy potential of the UKCS
  • Leverage commitment to the ‘Driving Investment Plan
  • Maintain influence over European and international regulatory standards