What is Roadmap 2035

Roadmap 2035 is the UK offshore oil and gas industry’s plan to reach its full potential by continuing to help meet the UK’s energy needs, while supporting the country’s climate ambitions.  It is the first industry response to the Committee on Climate Change’s net-zero ambitions and represents an ambitious, yet sensible, framework in which this industry can play its part.

Oil and gas are vital to our daily lives and the UK industry is needed now more than ever before.  Oil and gas help to meet 75% of the UK’s energy demand at present and is predicted to still meet one-third in 2050.

This means, that even in a net-zero world, oil and gas will be extremely important, and there will be a critical role for our industry to play for decades to come.  We need to meet as much of this demand as possible from domestic resources, to ensure we don’t need to rely on imported energy, and to ensure that we can minimise emissions.

We will also have a crucial role in helping the UK to decarbonise more widely.  The Committee on Climate Change have stated that carbon capture & storage, along with the hydrogen economy, will be needed if the UK is to become net-zero by 2050.  The UK oil and gas industry has a huge opportunity to lead in these spaces, with it already possessing many of the skills, expertise and technologies needed to unlock both these emerging industries.

Roadmap 2035 looks to ensure that the UK oil and gas industry can do both of the above; continue to provide a secure source of energy to the UK by maximising recovery while also supporting the UK’s net-zero ambitions. It sets out a framework of key ambitions and actions which aim to help guide the industry toward achieving both of these goals.

It is the first industrial response to the UK and Scottish Governments’ climate change commitments and shows a clear role for the industry in the UK energy mix for decades to come.

You can find out more about the Roadmap and the key themes within it by exploring this website.

How did we get there?

Roadmap 2035 represents an evolution of what was previously Vision 2035, created in 2015.

Vision 2035 was created after the downturn of 2014 to set out a visionary future for the industry which focused on two key elements, maximising economic recovery and growing our domestic supply chain.

Since the Vision was launched, the world has undergone many significant changes in a relatively short space of time, as has our own industry.  As a result of this, Vision 2035 has evolved into Roadmap 2035, taking those two key elements and expanding on them, laying out key enablers, such as people and skills, and technology and innovation, and setting the entire framework in the context of a net-zero future.