Growing the economy and exports

Key actions

Anchoring the supply chain

  • Develop supply segment outlook and opportunity reports
  • Continue to utilise supply chain best practices (including contract models, supply chain principles, payment terms, standardisation and supply chain collaboration)
  • Establish KPIs to improve supply chain efficiency
  • Leverage key industry shared platforms and shared service models
  • Develop key performance indicators for decommissioning and a decommissioning performance tracking tool, which includes benchmarks against other basins

Diversifying the supply chain

  • Increase visibility of upcoming global oil, gas, and renewables activity and projects
  • Leverage supply chain skills to support wider energy diversification
  • Establish industry standards to ensure consistency across the offshore energy spectrum
  • Establish the UKCS as a sector leader in underwater technology, low carbon production, CCUS, Hydrogen and decommissioning

Growing exports

  • Establish key export events on annual basis
  • Establish mechanism and platform to track and show progress in supply chain exports & diversification
  • Develop plans to leverage support and capabilities provided by DIT and SDI across the energy spectrum (for both exports and inward investment)
  • Launch ‘Exporters toolkit’ and encourage uptake and implementation
  • Leverage support and capabilities provided by UK Export Finance and other exporting bodies
  • Develop export outlook and opportunity reports
  • Improve connectivity and visibility across the supply chain of new domestic and export opportunities
  • Improve visibility of exporting and non-exporting elements of the supply chain